Chris Bambery is a freelance journalist, broadcaster and author whose books in- clude “A Rebel’s Guide to Gramsci,” “Ireland’s Permanent Revolution” and “Scot- land, Class and Nation.” His major history of the Second World War focusing on imperialism and resistance will be published by Pluto Press next year. Chris appears regularly on television and radio, including Russia Today, IRIB TV, Press TV, The Islam Channel, Al Alam, BBC Radio Scotland, Radio Clyde and Talk Sport and in addition works as a television producer. He is a regular contributor to ‘The Military History Monthly’ and other publica- tions and has an in depth and up to date knowledge on a range of issues includ- ing labour history, political theory, class poverty and race in Britain, imperialism and war, international relations, Scottish and Italian history and politics, Middle Eastern affairs, politics and 19th and 20th century history.